Ayden Arts and Recreation is offering Youth Volleyball for ages 6 to 15.

The Ayden Arts and Recreation sponsored leagues and activities are formed and operated on the principles of good sportsmanship, fair play, courtesy to others, healthy activity and other policies pertaining to all-around community understanding and development.  In an effort to meet this goal, teams will be comprised of youth of all skill levels. The emphasis is to have fun, improve skills, learn team play and develop a passion for the game.

Our volleyball program is girls who want to learn basic skills, team work and have fun playing volleyball. Courts are modified and a lighter ball for younger players.

Our season is from September to November. Games and practices are typically done Monday thru Thursday. Game are two times weekly, dependent upon which league and facility availability will determine if a team will play Monday, Wednesday or Tuesday, Thursday. Games will be played at Ayden Recreation Center in the Gym 

Rally scoring will be used. 25 point games/15 points deciding game. Games must be won by two (2) points. Tournament matches 2 out of 3.

8 Under - Use a lighter ball and will serve from the red line closet to the net.

11 Under- Will serve from the line located at the top of the free throw circle

15 Under - Will serve from the normal serve line.

The cost is:
$20 Residents
$30 Non residents

Volunteer Coaches

The success of our youth sport programs relies on the great support of our volunteer coaches. Please consider volunteering to help our kids have a great volleyball experience.  We will hold a coaches meeting prior to the start of the season. If interested, please indicate so during the registration of your child or call the Ayden Arts and Recreation Department. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the court!

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Ayden Arts and Recreation uses volunteer coaches that have been certified though National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS).

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North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules and guidelines will be followed, except where noted in the Ayden Arts and Recreation league rulebook under “Volleyball Coaches Handbook”

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